Balmonds' range of Cruelty Free & Fragrance Free Skincare Products

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Who are Balmonds?

Balmonds began with a mother so desperate to find an effective, non-steroidal moisturiser for her daughter’s painful skin that she ended up making one herself.

Natalie Balmond had tried countless lotions and potions, both prescribed and alternative, but every single cream on offer stung Lula’s sore skin and seemed to make things worse rather than better.

Natalie knew exactly what she needed: a cream that didn't contain anything unnecessary or irritating that might trigger a flare-up. She worked in her kitchen, mixing together combinations of nourishing organic oils, skin-kind herbs and beeswax. The gentle, entirely natural balm she ended up formulating worked so well and so quickly to hydrate Lula’s thirsty skin that Natalie could see straight away she should make it available to everyone else she knew might need it.

Balmonds Skin Salvation

Skin Salvation is a thick, rich, oily, beeswax-based salve, designed to soothe the itch, lock in moisture and protect from further irritation to break the itch-scratch cycle. It contains hemp seed oil which is very rich in essential fatty acids which eczema sufferers often lack, so long-term use will nourish the skin with the nutrients and oils needed to regenerate, regulate and repair the skin.

The company she founded, Balmonds, now makes a whole range of natural skincare for people prone to allergies and eczema, those with sensitive or dry skin, or anyone who wants to avoid irritants, toxins or pollutants in their skincare regime.

We specialise in products that are free from the common synthetic ingredients that can cause flare-ups and rashes, choosing natural alternatives instead, so lovers of natural beauty can treat themselves and still be sure that they are being as kind to the planet as they are to their skin!

The Balmonds Ethos

All of their products contain:

  • no preservatives

  • no fragrances

  • no chemical emulsifiers

  • no ingredients only there for the sake of appearance

  • no known irritants, such as parabens, pegs, sls, etc.

All of their products are:

  • 100% natural

  • as mild as possible

  • intensively hydrating

  • safe

  • effective

  • nourishing

  • protective