Organic Eye Cream for Sensitive Skin

Why might you use a specific skincare product for the eye area?

The structure of the skin under the eye is very different to that of the rest of the face for the following reasons:

  • It has very little fat; making it prone to wrinkling,

  • It contains no oil glands; making it prone to dryness,

  • It is generally thinner; often making the reddish blue blood vessels more obvious,

  • Fat that supports the eyes can move into the lower eyelids and along with the accumulation of fluid can lead to puffing of the skin.

Due to the delicate nature of the skin around the eyes, and given that fragrance in skincare is a known sensitiser, using a fragrance free organic eye cream for sensitive skin is something we would recommend. 

While most can get away with taking a sensitive, fragrance free skincare product for the face up over the eye area some individuals are prone to the development of Milia which can be exacerbated by the use of heavier moisturisers.  

Due to the sensitive nature of the skin around the eyes, and the increased likelihood of developing milia in that area, products specifically formulated for the eye area tend to be lighter and gentler than a standard skincare product for the face.

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