Fragrance Free FACE Cleansers

A cleanser is any skincare product that is used to remove excess oils, dirt, dead skin cells, make-up, spf and other types of pollutants from the skin. The right cleanser can help to unclog pores, brighten the complexion, prevent breakouts and prepare the skin for oncoming products.

It is important not to over cleanse as even the most gentle product can be irritating if used excessively. Evening cleansing is really the priority so experiment and find the frequency and products that work for your skin.


All of the cleansing products in the SKIND fragrance free skincare line-up are also Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) free.

Oil Cleansers

While cleansing your skin with oil sounds counter intuitive, especially if you have oily skin, it is in fact the most gentle and effective way to loosen pore clogging debris, pollution, make-up and spf without irritating your skin. Cleansing oils draw out other oils, make-up and impurities that congest pores with a “like attracts like” approach. They typically contain botanical oils such as; safflower, apricot kernel and grape seed that emulsify with water to rinse away cleanly.

Cleansing Balms

Essentially formulated with many of the same ingredients as cleansing oils, the major difference here is texture. Although cleansing balms melt into an oil once massaged between your hands, they start in a more solid state. They range from a wax-like salve to a creamy gel consistency, with many options in between.  This mess-free texture can make a balm more convenient for travel and for application.


Gel cleansers are clear and, as the name suggests, have a gel-like consistency.   Generally these are great for deep cleansing, they are effective at decongesting clogged pores, removing excess oil and killing acne-causing bacteria.


Cream cleansers are usually thick, creamy and contain moisturising ingredients like botanical oils.  They gently cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.  Cream cleansers can also come in the form of “milk” or “lotion.”