Skin Exfoliation Products

for Face Care

A facial exfoliator is any skincare product that is used to remove the top layer of dead and dulling skin cells in order to brighten the complexion and to fight against the clogging of your pores. They can broadly be split into physical/ mechanical (e.g. konjac puff sponge) and chemical (e.g. an exfoliating toner).

There are really no hard and fast rules on how often you should exfoliate. However, if you are just adding this step to your routine it is recommended to start with low frequency and low strength.

Frequency - How often you exfoliate per week

Strength - Physical abrasiveness or acid/ enzyme concentration  

Once you have started using a facial exfoliator in your skincare routine and have found it beneficial then you may wish to increase the frequency and/or strength of the skincare products you are using.  However, please do this very gradually and do not increase further until you are confident that your skin is responding positively to your current routine.