Fragrance Free Hair Care

Fragrance Free Shampoos

Shampoo is important as it helps in the removal of dirt, debris, and odours, such as smoke or sweat effectively. The hair gets its oil from sebaceous glands that secrete oil called sebum, which keeps the hair moisturised. Moisturised hair is less likely to break or look dry and frizzy so it is important not to over cleanse the hair and scalp. Finding a gentle scent free shampoo will help you to cleanse the hair whilst retaining natural oils and maintaining the scalp's skin barrier reduces dryness and flakiness. 

The unscented shampoos we have selected are gentle to the hair and scalp and are free from harsh surfactants and fragrances.

Fragrance Free Conditioners

Each hair is covered in tiny cells which look a bit like fish scales. Damage causes these to stand out which makes the hair look dull, rough and out of condition. Conditioners work by smoothing down these scales so your hair looks smooth and shiny again. The upshot of smoother strands is less static and fewer split ends so hair is easier to style. However, it’s not just about looks. Whereas shampoo opens the hair’s cuticle, conditioner seals it back up locking nutrients in and pollutants out. This in turn strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage, split ends, and even hair loss. As conditioner is making contact with the skin it is always preferable to select an unscented conditioner especially for those with sensitive scalps.

The scent free conditioners we have selected are gentle to the hair and scalp and are free from harsh surfactants and added fragrances.

Fragrance Free Hair Oils

Oils mimic the natural action of sebum production by protecting the hair and scalp whilst maintaining hydration through the reduction of water loss. Oil gives the hair extra shine, and conditions it in order to prevent it from being dry and brittle. As these products come into contact with the scalp it is also preferable to use a scent free hair oil especially for those with sensitive scalps.

Unscented hair oils can be used in a number of ways:


Before washing your hair, massage a few pumps of fragrance free hair oil through your scalp and hair. Massaging your scalp will stimulate blood flow. Using unscented hair oils before you shampoo provides added protection against the heat of the water for those with fine hair, dry hair or a sensitive scalp.

Reduce Frizz

Apply your fragrance free hair oil to slightly damp hair after washing focusing on the ends. Use a wide toothed comb to gently distribute the product throughout your hair. You can leave your hair to air dry, or add a heat protectant before blowdrying your hair.


Once your hair is dry, you can use a pump of scent free hair oil to finish styling your hair.  It will tame any flyaways and leave your hair smoother and more manageable.  


Use as a beard oil.  Hair is hair, there's really no need for a beard specific product. 

The unscented hair oils we have selected are gentle to the hair and scalp and are free from added fragrance and essential oils.