Fragrance Free SKINCARE FOR THE Lips

Why do we need a specific lip product?

The structure of the skin on the lips is very different to that of the rest of the face with only three to five cellular layers when compared to typical face skin, which has up to 16 layers.  Lip skin does not have sweat glands which provide the rest of the face with a protective layer of sweat and oils which keep the skin smooth, inhibit pathogens, and regulate warmth.  Thus, harsh winter wind, cold, sun and dryness, indoors and outdoors, make lips more susceptible to dryness and a vulnerable target for chapping.

The difference between skin on the face and skin on the lips

Lip Treatments

The standard skincare product for treatment of the lips is a balm. A balm can be defined as any cream or liquid used to heal the skin. However, the products below all have the following characteristics which make up our balm category:

  • They are oil based

  • They contain no water (meaning they are anhydrous formulations)

  • They are used for topical application 

  • They contain either a beeswax or a form of butter alternative e.g. shea butter, to give them a smooth texture and protective nature

  • They are simple, natural, and non-toxic skin medications 

Preventing Grease Addiction

Despite the lips being so sensitive lip products so often contain some of the most irritating ingredients you find in skincare.  Added fragrances and essential oils are common place many of which are added to give a cooling sensation.  The perceived benefits these additions bring to lip products are superficial and the irritation they cause can lead to the constant reapplication of the product to try to remedy the very problems it is causing.  This cycle is often referred to as grease addition.

The products we have selected below are focused on protecting and nourishing the lips. As with all of our products these for lip care are part of the SKIND cruelty free and fragrance free skincare collection.