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CONCERNS: Dehydrated Skin

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

So what exactly is dehydrated skin and what causes it?

While dry skin occurs due to a lack of oils and is considered more of a skin type, dehydrated skin refers specifically to a lack of water and is a temporary skin condition often resulting from a compromised skin barrier. Although it may feel like a contradiction it is quite common for people to have both oily and dehydrated skin.

The skin barrier is made up of skin cells and lipids. The types of lipids which make up the mortar of the skin barrier fall into three classes; Ceramides, Cholesterols and free Fatty Acids. It is normally a lack of these lipids which leads to a compromised skin barrier and its associated water loss and increased sensitivity.  Some of the primary causes of a compromised skin barrier include:​

  • Over cleansing

  • Over exfoliating

  • Exposure to extreme weather/ temperature changes

  • Stress

  • Poor diet

  • The effect of some medications

If your skin barrier has been compromised you may feel a tightness within the skin and feel that your usual skin care products start to cause irritation. The damaged skin barrier becomes permeable and is no longer able to retain moisture through a process known as trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) or keep out irritants. As a consequence the skin becomes dehydrated and sensitive. 

how can dehydrated skin be treated?

There are a few suggestions below which should help to combat the problems associated with dehydrated skin:

  • Reduce the amount you are cleansing and if you are not already then use a cleanser which is gentle and has a pH of 4.5-6.5

  • Reduce the frequency and strength of your exfoliation routine

  • Temporarily avoid 'Actives' in your skin care such as; Retinoids, Vitamin C, AHA/BHAs etc

  • Avoid extremes of temperature; always use luke warm rather than hot or cold water when cleansing

  • If you wear make-up try to reduce or avoid this for a period as these products often contain drying ingredients

  • Avoid potential irritants and allergens in your skin care such as synthetic fragrance and/or fragrance derived from essential oils

  • Eat a greater amount of omega rich foods such as fish, nuts and seeds

If you do not already then it is recommended that you introduce skin care products into your routine which have the following properties:

  • Skin Barrier Repairing i.e. contain; cholesterol, ceramides and/or essential fatty acids to rebuild the skin barrier.

  • Moisture Boosting i.e. contain humectants such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin which bind water to the upper layers of the skin.

Which skin care products could help combat the condition?

Below are a some of our favourite products which have the properties listed above and which we hope will help you in your fight against dehydrated skin:

Green People

Hydrating Calming Serum

Brought to you by Green People this lightweight serum provides the moisture boosting properties someone with dehydrated skin will crave. In addition to glycerin which is an excellent humectant the product contains the following beneficial ingredients:

Everlasting Flower and Chamomile

Rich in flavonoids, instantly reducing oxidative stress and soothing skin inflammation.

Tara Bush 

Rich in polysaccharides, has strong moisture-binding properties.

Green Marine Macro Algae

Ensures intense hydration to deeper skin tissues, increases collagen, regenerates, firms and softens the skin.


Calming and anti-inflammatory helping to reduce redness and irritation and leaving a soothing, protective barrier on the skin to maintain moisture levels and aid wound healing.

Aloe Vera

Rich in mucopolysaccharides, giving it excellent soothing, healing and moisturising properties.

Green People Hydrating Calming Serum for dry and dehydrated skin

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Superfruit Concentrate Serum

This organic face oil brought to you by Odylique is a blend of super-strength 100% organic rosehip oil, sea buckthorn and pomegranate, giving an exceptional synergy of 5 omega fatty acids, plus antioxidant vitamins and nature’s miracle phytosterols; a plant based equivalent of cholesterol. Some of the properties of the ingredients in this serum include:

Rosehip Oil

For skin smoothing and cell-renewal. 


Protecting and repairing.

Sea Buckthorn

For cell-regeneration and UV-damage protection.


Hydrating and vitamin-replenishing. 

Odylique Superfruit Concentrate Serum for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

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Calendula & Marshmallow Balm