Skin Trends 2021: Scandinavian Skin Care

From Korean complexity to Scandi simplicity

Over the past decade Korean skincare has gained massive popularity in Europe and North America with an unparalleled focus on the science of skincare.

The particular brand of Korean skincare that really took hold in the West was one focused, with fascination, on the dizzying array of steps that skincare obsessives would go through on a daily basis to achieve their 'glass skin' or 'honey skin'.

Example of a Korean 10-step Beauty Routine
Example of a Korean 10-step Beauty Routine

Korean 10 step skincare routines seemed to be popping up everywhere and trying to find products to fill these various niches was a bewildering and often expensive task.

While the very complicated approach that went global was unlikely to be representative of the routines of most ordinary Koreans it became inextricably linked to their skincare culture in the eyes of most Westerners.

Korean skincare is now rightly viewed as a global trailblazer. However, the craze of insanely complicated skincare routines was always unlikely to last. A movement began towards a simpler form of skincare - with a trend towards fewer steps and more multi-purpose skincare products.

Over the past 5 years Korean brands such as Krave Beauty were founded. Krave is a great representation of this new approach, with a thoughtful focus on key skincare fundamentals rather than the scattergun approach of throwing out a gimmicky product to ride a temporary fashion.

Now in 2021 we are well and truly in the heart of this skincare simplification and who better to step up to the plate than the masters of minimalism, the Scandinavians.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci

Scandinavian skin care brands have risen to prominence such as; Verso with their Verso Super Facial, Nuori with their Nuori Shield Spray, or Lumene with products such as Lumene Nordic Hydra.

These brands really emphasise both simplicity and the incorporation of traditional regional skincare ingredients. While they have products to suit all skin types you know that, with the Scandinavian climate being what it is, these brands have winter skincare down to a fine art.

In addition, old favourites have started adding Scandinavian skin care influence to their product line-up.

Green People's founders tapped into their own Nordic roots with their new line called, appropriately enough, Nordic Roots.

Green People have focused in on Scandinavian beauty secrets, taking a few simple skincare ingredients such as; Atlantic seaweed, hops, oats and arctic berries to create gentle skincare products that are very simple to understand and fit into an unfussy routine.

Skincare brands helping customers to create a simple beauty routine is one of the biggest trends in skincare 2021 and this move fits in perfectly with the recent popularity of the concept of Hygge.

Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment.

Rather than self care becoming quite a task in itself the Scandinavian stripped back skincare approach is a far more stress free affair.

So, the next time you do your skincare shopping why not choose quality over quantity and simplicity over complexity - Shop Scandi!

What do you think about the trend for 2021 Scandinavian Skincare?

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