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SKIND Brands - Apothaka

Who are Apothaka?

Natasha, the founder of Apothaka, always had an interest in skincare products and was fortunate to enjoy good skin for many years. However, when she reached her late 30s she started to suffer breakouts which often left noticeable pigmentation. She noticed that products on the market for “acne-prone skin” were more geared to oily skin types, which really dried out her skin, compounding the problem. She started doing research on how to manage these breakouts and became curious about what was going into the skincare products she was buying and believed that some of these ingredients may have been exacerbating the situation.

Natasha became interested in the effects of plant-based ingredients on the skin, as well as the impact on overall wellbeing. Initially she trialled individual carrier and essential oils, before starting to experiment with combinations of oils as her kitchen turned into an apothecary of active botanicals.

She undertook a series of courses in skin care formulation in order to cement her knowledge and ensure that she was using ingredients diligently. After several months, she was highly encouraged with the results of using these oil blends to clean, nourish and protect her skin. She increasingly focussed on blends formulated with lighter plant oils, therefore minimising the risk of causing congestion and breakouts. Her skin visibly improved and she started making products for friends and family and was delighted with their feedback. Realising that her products could benefit others too, Apothaka® was born.

Natasha's Story

Natasha really passionate about the use of the right ingredients in skincare products and her aim is to ensure that anyone with a desire to look after their skin is able to do so using high quality, simple but effective products. Cleverly and uniquely blended with light ingredients which won't clog pores. Improving the way your skin looks and feels, and making your skincare routine an enjoyable experience: bringing the spa experience into your home!

Natasha strongly believes that less is more and that healthy skin can be achieved with just a few simple steps. She is committed to continuously deepening her knowledge and expertise in order to inform my product development. She passed her Level 4 CIBTAC award in Advanced Skin Science which proved invaluable in understanding the impact of specific ingredients on skin health. As such her focus is on developing core products that maintain a healthy skin barrier. ​ Apothaka products are all handmade in micro batches at home, and Natasha currently focuses on just a few key products. However, each year she expands her collection with carefully chosen formulations. Skincare shouldn't be overwhelming and her aim is to keep things simple for you!


Apothaka products:

  • Are certified by a cosmetic chemist and fully comply with EU regulations.

  • Water based products (e.g. barrier support serum) have additionally passed microbial challenge testing (PET) in line with EU cosmetic regulations.

  • Have been carefully and uniquely formulated by me, no pre-made bases/ private label formulas are used giving me complete control of ingredients and formulations.

  • Include only ingredients that provide a clear benefit, with no unnecessary additions. 

  • Contain no synthetic fragrances, no mineral oil, silicones or parabens for those who wish to avoid them.

  • Are vegan friendly and cruelty free: not tested on animals, tested on friends, family and me!

  • Are sold without fear. If there's one thing that drives me mad it's brands that sell on the basis of fear of ingredients!

  • Are environmentally responsible: do not use ingredients that are at conservation risk and the products are responsibly packaged using glass as much as possible. For outer packaging I use recycled / recyclable packaging, with the minimum amount of packaging used to ensure products reach you safely (and undamaged!). Whilst they do use some bubble wrap to protect glass products and minimise weights of parcels (for shipping), please be assured they have recycled all of this from other packaging so as not to add further to landfill!

  • Are carefully packaged in UV filtered amber glass aromatherapy bottles to preserve the freshness of the ingredients and minimise oxidation of the oils.

  • Are handmade in micro batches with care in the UK, ensuring you get the freshest product and best ingredients possible.

To view our full selection of Apothaka Skincare products click the logo below:

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