Natural Bian Stone Gua Sha Massage Tools

Natural Bian Stone Massage Tools

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Boost circulation to your face and scalp using these wonderful ancient stone massage tools


Bian Stone meteorites hit the earth to form 65 million years ago. Containing more than 40 trace elements and minerals the Bian Stone has historically been used as part of facial and body massage in techniques such as Gua Sha. Bian Stone is thought to give off a strong field of energy; improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage.


These Natural Bian Stone Massage Tools come in two types:

  1. V Shape - for use across the contours of the face to reduce puffiness and improve skin texture 
  2. Massage Comb - for use on the hair and scalp to improve blood flow, reducing hairfall and frizz


Both massage tools are provided in a high quality red cotton drawstring pouch; which makes them a great gift.


Facial and Scalp massage is a very relaxing and beneficial practise pulling from the ancient Chinese techniques of Gua Sha. It can be easily added to your skincare routine and can be used with your favourite oils to really enhance your enjoyment.

  • Complete your facial or scalp massage on cleansed skin or hair.


    In order to allow the massage tools to glide over the skin either apply a little water or a light oil such as Grapeseed or Safflower.


    There is a loop which you can wrap around your wrist whilst massaging which should help prevent you dropping the tool. However, to be extra safe you may want to keep something soft, such as a towel, under your face when massaging just in case.


    After use clean the massage tool with soap and water and once dry apply a little oil to maintain it's condition.


    Bian stone contains natural veins so there may be small variations in colour. When not in frequent use, maintain the stone by applying oil regularly.