Lyonsleaf - Flannel and Muslin Cloth Bale

Lyonsleaf Flannel and Muslin Cloth Bale


Oil Cleansing or Hot Cloth Cleansing is the revolutionary new way to cleanse, exfoliate and remove make up, even waterproof mascara and the Lyonsleaf Flannel and Muslin Cloth Bale is the perfect way to kick start your routine.


Stop stripping natural oils with soap and harsh cleansers to improve skin barrier function and seal in moisture all day long. Superior hydration brings glowing skin that stays plumped all day, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.


Lyonsleaf Flannel and Muslin Cloth Bale includes:

  • 5 x 500gsm white face flannels (100% Cotton)
  • 5 x two ply muslin face cloths (100% Cotton)
  • Oil cleansing Information and instructions
  • Branded cotton drawstring bag


Discover the amazing 'Oil Cleansing Method' by combining the Lyonsleaf Flannel and Muslin Cloth Bale with Lyonsleaf Unfragranced Beauty Balm. 


Flannels and muslins are both great for oil cleansing. Muslins offer extra exfoliation while flannels create more steam. It is important not to use flannels more than twice without washing, so this pack will allow you to cleanse for a week or more without washing cloths.

  • Cleanse and exfoliate using the 'Oil Cleansing Method'

    1. Apply Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm to face when dry, massaging thoroughly to dissolve dirt and make-up. You can take the time to pamper yourself, or do it very quickly if you’re in a hurry.

    2. Run a clean flannel under comfortably hot water and hold it over your face allowing the steam to gently lift the dirt, make-up and dead skin cells.

    3. Wipe away residue leaving clean, hydrated skin. Use a muslin flannel for extra exfoliation.

    4. Repeat as necessary.

    You don’t need a toner and you may not need to moisturise. If you do, use a small amount of Beauty Balm as a moisturiser.

    We recommend oil cleansing your face morning and night. Do not use flannels or muslins more than twice before washing, dry them out between uses.


  • We are Ben and Vicky Lyons and we run Lyonsleaf from our small farm on the Mendip Hills in Somerset, England.


    Lyonsleaf started out as a food and herb business, selling the produce we grew on our farm to local restaurants and at farmers markets. However, we had long been making natural skincare products as a hobby (using home-grown ingredients from our farm) and so in 2010 we started to sell some of our beauty products on our market stalls, too.


    Lyonsleaf skincare was an instant hit with our customers, who would wander off with a tester and return half an hour later to buy. We were also amazed to have many customers telling us it had worked wonders for treating their eczema and psoriasis.


    At that time, we were trying for a baby and unfortunately had several failed pregnancies. This led us to undertake extensive research into nutrition and the effects of artificial chemicals on the body and we became increasingly interested in taking as natural an approach to life as possible. I (Vicky) also developed very sensitive skin and started having reactions to products that my skin had previously tolerated.


    The turning point came when I had a reaction to a cleanser that caused terrible eczema on my face. I used my own natural calendula moisturiser to soothe it and my skin started to improve, but doubting my own wisdom I went to the doctor who gave me a prescription for a mild steroid cream. As soon as I applied it I knew it was a mistake; within a few seconds my skin started stinging and my eyes swelled so much I could hardly see.

    At that point we knew we could offer a better alternative with our natural skincare products and we really started to believe in ourselves. We decided to focus on skincare alone and embarked on some serious research, to create a natural skincare range that provided real results while being kind to the skin.


    With a lot of hard work, Lyonsleaf has since developed into becoming the small but perfectly formed range of 100% natural skincare products you see today. We are hugely proud to have since won two awards in the 2014 FreeFrom Skincare Awards and are delighted to now be parents to our beautiful daughter Evie.  


    Made on a small farm in Somerset, England, using home-grown ingredients where possible, Lyonsleaf is passionate about producing skincare that is 100% natural and 100% water-free, using 100% active ingredients to produce incredibly effective products that are safe, gentle and affordable.



    All Lyonsleaf skincare is 100% natural, with every single ingredient working hard to fulfil a purpose for the skin. If an ingredient doesn’t directly benefit the skin, it’s not included in Lyonsleaf products.



    By avoiding the use of water in Lyonsleaf formulations it eliminates the need for any synthetic ingredients, as water-free products don’t require the use of harsh preservatives and emulsifiers. You won’t find a single artificial preservative, colour or fragrance in Lyonsleaf products so you can rest assured that your skin is being treated with the utmost care.



    By taking a water-free approach, Lyonsleaf is able to deliver 100% active ingredients containing a huge quantity of natural compounds, vitamins and antioxidants to benefit the skin. All Lyonsleaf ingredients are in the most unprocessed state possible with only cold-pressed, unrefined and cold blended oils used, to maximise their effects on the skin.



    Lyonsleaf products are made on a small farm on the Mendip Hills in Somerset, England. Lyonsleaf grows its own ingredients where possible, to ensure the harvest is the best quality and that nothing has been sprayed or grown with chemicals.