Lyonsleaf 100% Natural Zinc and Calendula Cream (large)

Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream


Looking for a calming barrier cream to protect and heal; blemishes, cuts and grazes?


Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream is an; award winning 100% natural, anti-inflammatory, calming barrier cream that is ideal for combination/oily skin types, those prone to acne or those looking to treat minor cuts, grazes or burns.


What are the key ingredients?

  • Calendula 
  • Zinc Oxide 
  • Babassu Oil 
  • Beeswax 
  • Borage Oil


What type of ingredients make up the product?

  • Vegan? – No, due to the inclusion of beeswax
  • Cruelty Free
  • Fragrance free
  • % Organic ingredients = 95%


What does it do?

  • Rebalances skin that is prone to produce excess sebum.
  • Creates a barrier to protect fragile or damaged skin when washing-up or bathing.


Who is it for?

  • Those who suffer with skin prone to Perioral Dermatitis, Acne and Rosacea
  • Those prone to break outs, rashes or any skin in need of TLC
  • Babies with skin Prone to Nappy rash
  • Those with skin affected by insect bites nettle rash etc


How we recommend using it?

  • Following your cleansing routine apply a thin layer to targeted patches of skin and allow to sink in.
  • For those with combination skin it can work well in the oilier t-zone area.
  • Spot treat minor cuts, grazes, burns or inflammed skin.


Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream is intensely soothing and healing.  This cream is likely to become a staple product for anyone with combination/oily/acne prone skin or those looking for a healing ointment.  

  • Lyonsleaf Zinc & Calendula Cream contains:


    Ingredients (English): Organic Sunflower Oil, Cold Pressed Babassu Oil, Zinc Oxide, Organic Beeswax, Cold Pressed Borage Oil, Calendula Extract, Natural Vitamin E Oil.


    Ingredients (INCI): Helianthus Annuus, Orbignya Oleifera, Zinc Oxide (CI 77947), Cera Alba, Borago Officinalis, Calendula Officinalis, Tocopherol.



    Water free means no need for preservatives or emulsifiers.  Made with 100% active ingredients.  Hand made in the UK, by workers earning a living wage, using ethically sourced ingredients and as little plastic as possible.