SKINSAPIENS Range of Cruelty Free

& Fragrance Free Skincare Products


Ever wondered why your beauty products are made from 40 things you've never heard of and smelly enough to knock-out a cat? Yep, us too! We thought the best way to fix this was to make our own...

It all started in a kitchen back in 2017. Founder James had just become a new father to baby Alex.

Having worked for some of the biggest beauty companies on Earth, James couldn't bring himself to put the "unknown" on his new son's sensitive skin. So, he locked himself in a dark room and thought hard about a different approach.

James wanted to take back control, and make something natural that’s as good for the planet, as it is for the skin.

He began by choosing the best proven, plant-powered active ingredients for sensitive skin. And then he left out the rest. A home-made baby balm was tested on his own skin, then on Alex, then on his friends. It worked so well; he decided the rest of the world should try it too.

And so, with oodles of help from some very clever people, SKINSAPIENS was born. 


We started small, but we’re thinking big.

We only have one business plan. To make the most effective skincare products nature has to offer, with a positive effect on the environment. 

The goal?

To put you back in total control of what goes on your skin, and into the planet. We are on a mission to remove all that’s wrong about skin care products and replace it with all that’s good.


That's why we:

🌱 only use the best plant-powered actives,

💌 are certified COSMOS Ecocert Natural

♻️ and pack our products in recycled AND recyclable material. 


Help us spread the word. Join our movement for clean skin and a clear conscience.